Modern medicine meets modern convenience

Do more with AI-powered medical care.

Utilizing easy-to-use, FDA-approved medical devices, patients are guided via augmented reality (AR) to collect data, such as weight, temperature, blood pressure and other vitals, to form a diagnostic impression. The total process typically takes less than 15 minutes.

A complete patient work-up is sent electronically to an Akos healthcare provider with a breakdown of predicted illnesses and treatment options. Through a video consultation, the provider meets with the patient to verify the diagnosis and present a treatment plan. For streamlined convenience, Akos Med Clinic automatically logs medical records, files insurance claims, submits electronic prescriptions and test orders, and schedules follow-up visits when necessary.

Step 1 - Patient Registration

Patient uploads picture of ID, insurance and prescriptions to establish patient profile.

Step 2 - Patient Interview

Patient enters chief complaint with AI predictive engine, which then supplies additional questions to collect a clinical differential diagnosis.

Step 3 - Vital and Lab Measurements

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR), patient is guided to collect medical vitals-temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen, weight, ear, nose and throat image as well as chest, lung and abdomen sounds.

Step 4 - Provider Consultation

The AI delivers a complete patient work-up to an Akos provider with a breakdown of predicted illnesses and treatment options. The patient virtually connects with an Akos medical provider to review the AI-collected information, verify the diagnosis and confirm or modify the treatment plan formulated by the system.

Step 5 - Treatment Plan

The AI electronically sends any necessary prescriptions or procedure orders to the appropriate healthcare partner, and completes the billing process.

Step 6 - Follow Up

When appropriate, the AI follows up with the patient via text or email. If the patient indicates no or slow improvement, an appointment is made for a return visit with an Akos provider.

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