Rising to the occasion

Without lowering our standards

At Akos Med Clinic, we recognize that the satisfaction and care of our patients takes precedence above all else. Our goal is to create an environment and experience that exceeds expectations from the moment you arrive. We treat every patient with speed, compassion and medical expertise - because advanced medical care means catering to you.

Checkup on aisle four

Healthcare has a new home

With Akos Med Clinic, there's no appointments necessary. So whether you're running a fever or running errands, you can address your health when it's most convenient for you -- inside your neighborhood grocery store.

Experience makes all the difference

Our highly trained staff puts you at ease

The healthcare professionals at Akos Med Clinic are qualified to diagnose and treat a wide range of non-emergent health conditions often seen at an urgent care center. They deliver unparalleled skill and expertise, so you can get the medical care you deserve with the immediacy you need.

Diagnoses without delay

One-stop shopping for time-sensitive care

From ankle sprains to sinus infections, allergic reactions to strep throat, the extensive network of medical providers at Akos Med Clinic are ready to diagnose and treat your symptoms at a moment's notice. With our comprehensive medical services, you can save yourself the worry and the wait.

Download Akos Today

When Akos Med Clinic is closed or if an in-person visit to our clinic isn’t convenient, connect with an Akos provider on your phone or tablet 24/7/365.