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Akos Med Clinics are conveniently located inside your neighborhood Safeway/Albertson stores.

Get Connected

Take your vitals and virtually connect with a licensed Akos Healthcare Provider in real time.

Pick Up Prescription

Quickly and conveniently pick up your prescription or refill at the Safeway pharmacy next door or your pharmacy of choice.

Using the very latest in FDA approved healthcare technology.

Do more with AI-powered medical care.

About Us

Akos Med Clinic has you covered.

At Akos Med Clinic, we recognize that the satisfaction and care of our patients takes precedence above all else. Our goal is to create an environment and experience that exceeds expectations from the moment you arrive. We treat every patient with speed, compassion and medical expertise - because advanced medical care means catering to you.

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How It Works

Modern medicine meets modern convenience.

Utilizing easy-to-use, FDA-approved medical devices, patients are guided via augmented reality (AR) to collect data, such as weight, temperature, blood pressure and other vitals, to form a diagnostic impression. The total process typically takes less than 15 minutes.

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Find a Med Clinic

With 14 convenient locations, you don't have to wait.

While we hope you stay healthy and injury-free, we want you to know that our medical team is always standing by. So whether you walk in or call ahead, we'll be ready to take care of you.

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Services & Treatments

Get head-to-toe treatment.

Our healthcare professionals can diagnose and treat a wide range of non-emergent medical conditions commonly addressed in an urgent care center, but in less time and with less hassle. Whether it's a sinus infection keeping you in bed, or a sprained wrist keeping you away from your desk, Akos connects you with board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners, virtually, through our revolutionary medical station powered by artificial intelligence.

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Prescriptions & Pharmacy

Akos can prescribe when needed.

When necessary, Akos providers can prescribe medications to treat your condition. We will not prescribe or renew medications in large quantities or controlled substances regulated by the DEA. All prescriptions are sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice, allowing you to start treatment as soon and conveniently as possible.

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Download Akos Today

When Akos Med Clinic is closed or if an in-person visit to our clinic isn’t convenient, connect with an Akos provider on your phone or tablet 24/7/365.